Shelby Jane Seyburn

Shelby Jane Seyburn spent the previous two years in a research lab at Oakland University run by Dr. Kanako Taku, PhD, where Shelby spent the last year as lab manager. Shelby was inspired and dedicated to Dr. Taku and valued her work focused on Post-Traumatic Growth (“PTG”) that she delayed graduation for one year. Shelby planned to apply to The University of Michigan’s master program in Applied Statistics which she was immensely talented.

Shelby was determined to use her skills in statistics to prove theories in PTG with a focus on resiliency. As a member of Dr. Taku’s lab Shelby was able to be a published author and speak at national conferences, such as, American Psychological Association as an undergraduate student. Shelby’s extraordinary dedication gave her the confidence to explore and develop programs like the “Teen Parent Initiative”. In knowing who Shelby truly exemplified it must be mentioned that not only was she a beautiful, intelligent and dynamic woman but she had an enormous amount of energy in maintaining her health through devoted workouts and alternative nutrition and wellness. Shelby had a genuine heart to help others and make a difference. The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation will have the capability to pursue her passion and ultimate goals.

The Foundation wants to honor Shelby’s achievements by supporting the Oakland University Psychology students, as well as to support the research and education related to PTG for persons who have experienced trauma in their lives.

Trauma is a broad term but the message is the same in regards to helping the victims of a traumatic event, which has been a tragic irony for the Foundation’s founding directors, Shelby’s parents.

Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or circumstance of an event, which may commonly include abuse of power, betrayal of trust, entrapment, helplessness, pain, confusion and/or loss. The idea of PTG is for survivors to not only heal from their Trauma but become stronger, and a more resilient person. The hope is that PTG will enable you to be stronger, more compassionate, have spiritual growth, and joy knowing that there are new possibilities for your life.

Shelby’s dream was to create a holistic program integrating her nutritional, psychological and statistical skills.

Our Mission:
To connect, execute, research and support Post Traumatic Growth

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Shelby Jane Seyburn

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