Post Traumatic Growth Programs

The Foundation shall support the implementation of research programs that are focused on furthering the development of PTG research and implementation of programs
to connect to those in need.

Post Traumatic Growth Programs

  • The Foundation’s efforts to expand the opportunities for new and exciting programs that foster personal growth for individuals healing from a Trauma shall be under the supervision and control of Dr. Taku. Because of Shelby’s passion and dedication to post traumatic growth the Foundation will begin to evaluate other programs to support for veterans, animal therapy, cancer survivors, immigrants and various other programs that promote post-traumatic growth.
    Additionally, the Foundation shall facilitate scientific research in the area of post-traumatic growth and resiliency, and to maintain active and productive research programs to better understand and assist people in moving forward after trauma. Shelby’s unique skill set and passion for preparing and presenting statistical analysis to prove theories shall always remain a prerequisite for any programs to provide greatest likelihood of creating successful programs.


Examples of topics of interest:

1. Conducting a longitudinal study to test the relationships between resiliency and PTG in a long-term design.

2. Attending statistics workshops or purchasing statistical computer software/books promoting connection between Statistics & Psychology; and/or

3. Hold workshops for PTG/resiliency researchers around the US.


  • The Foundation would monitor the labs supported by the Foundation by setting-up annual events to share research progress for purpose of reviewing the past activities and planning for future activities.