Teen Parent Initiative

The Teen Parent Initiative
is a program that Shelby Jane Seyburn worked very hard to establish within the Oakland University Psychology Department.

The initiative is a psychoeducational program helping teen parents in local communities connect with each other, school staff, and the research team to assist them in their life challenges by educating them on a variety of topics, including:

  • The importance of a healthy diet and nutrition
  • Appropriate physical exercise
  • The many resources and social support that are available for teen parents

Teen parents face a unique set of challenges due to financial constraints, educational demands, and social stigma, all of which can have a life-long impact. Many times it is very difficult for teenagers to get parental consent to take advantage of unique programs such as this. To participate consent is only necessary to engage in the research study but not to be active in the sessions.

Currently, the program is targeting one local high school, but with funding we will expand to more high schools.

The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation will join and support Oakland University’s Psychology Department in the
Teen Parent Initiative by:

  • Attending and observing the program
  • Attending the research team’s lab meetings occasionally
  • Identifying and presenting new resources for teen parents
  • Providing volunteers to support the program and its participants.

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