Post Traumatic Growth Support in Southeast Michigan

Post Traumatic Growth Support in Southeast Michigan

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Research over the past few decades has helped to fight stigmas about mental and emotional health.

Individuals who have emotional, personality, or mental disorders are not to be blamed or judged. In fact, people are encouraged to speak about trauma and other mental health conditions as a step toward healing.

Most people can’t do it alone, and they need a strong support system of friends, family, faith, and resources such as mental health therapy. Because the importance of seeking help has been recognized more and more in recent years, there are many resources for Post Traumatic Growth support in southeast Michigan.

Resources for Mental Health & Post Traumatic Growth Support in Southeast Michigan

Support can come from places you would never expect, or perhaps those that you would. Whether it’s through having faith in a higher power, leaning on family, talking with a peer support group, or simply having a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry on, having a support system is a key to healing.

Individuals who have been through trauma and understand that they need support are more likely to find growth.

It’s OK to ask for help. In fact, doing so may make all the difference.

Following are only a few of the non-profit resources for mental health and Post Traumatic Growth support in the tri-county area.

Oakland Family Services

With a focus on prevention, education, and treatment for youths, Oakland Family Services offers confidential, research-based therapy for people of all ages for anxiety, depression, family trauma, and drug and alcohol addiction.

114 Orchard Lake Road

Pontiac, MI 48341


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Warmline

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services warmline connects individuals with certified peer support specialists who have lived experiences of behavioral health issues, trauma, or personal crises and are trained to support and empower the callers. It has special resources now dedicated to the trauma and stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Common Ground Crisis Helpline

Pontiac, Michigan-based Common Ground is focused on helping victims of crime, youths, and those affected by suicide move from crisis to hope.

Crisis Assistance Line: 800-231-1127

Administrative: 248-456-8150,

Oakland Community Health Network

The Oakland Community Health Network focuses on developmental disabilities, mental health support and awareness, and substance recovery resources with a goal of helping people find hope. It is funded in part by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Resource & Crisis Helpline: 800-231-1127

Care House Macomb County Child Advocacy Center Inc.

The Care House provides hope and healing to child victims of sexual and physical abuse.

131 Market Street

Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free, and confidential support for people in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources.


Community Care Services

With a focus on hope, recovery, and wellness, Community Care Services provides outpatient mental health and substance use disorder treatment for children, teens, and adults in southeast Michigan. It has also been designated an Urgent Behavioral Health Care Services Provider by Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network in an effort to address the need for urgent behavioral health services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

26184 West Outer Drive

Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Crisis Line: 800-241-4949

Administrative: 313-389-7500

The SJS Foundation and Its Post Traumatic Growth Mission

The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation exists to raise awareness of and connect people with resources for Post Traumatic Growth support in southeast Michigan and throughout the country.

Our goals are realized through the support of charitable organizations, volunteers, and the Post Traumatic Growth lab at Oakland University.

Our foundation aims to assist in PTG research and awareness both directly and indirectly.

• Post Traumatic Growth Research

We aim to fund research and programs intended to further the understanding of PTG.

• Travel Grants

Education and research is a key to raising awareness, and increasing information and resources for the future requires the work of dedicated research students today. The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation will help increase this research and motivate students through travel grants for professional psychology research conferences.

• Willows Healing Center

Through the support of the community, the SJS Foundation will develop the Willows Healing Center in memory of Shelby Jane Seyburn. The center will become a comprehensive resource for Post Traumatic Growth healing and research.

For more information about how you can assist with our Post Traumatic Growth support and research goals, visit our website or send us a message online.