Shelby Jane Seyburn

A message from Shelby’s parents, Marc and Alisa:

Shelby is our light. There isn’t a single day when we can’t see her, hear her, feel her. Through it all, her light gives us the strength to grow through the trauma. Within ourselves, we can find the hope and courage we need to carry us forward.

Some who are coping with trauma find this strength through prayer. Some find it through hard work and charity. Yet others find it through strong relationships with loved ones.

As for us, we have found strength through This Foundation, Family, Friends and GOD. We’ve made a choice to use Shelby’s light to guide ourselves and others along the path of Post Traumatic Growth and help them find the right resources to encourage their growth.

Trauma affects each of us differently in our journeys through grief and, hopefully, recovery. Universally, hope is something we all strive for in the face of tragedy and we understand how out-of-reach it can sometimes feel.

With help and support you can find the strength within yourself to grow, find hope and joy again, and have a sense of purpose. We think it’s important to point out that even though you experience growth through trauma, it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a dark day and retreat back into the valley of sadness, wandering off the path of hope. But when you have the tools to help you regain strength, it’s easier to get back on your path once again.

Some of the tools The SJSF can help equip you with include finding empathy, support, and positive resources… and that all starts with an important declaration: I need help.

It’s so hard to be strong when you’re broken. We know, we’ve been there. Let us help you.


Trauma is a broad term, and every victim of trauma will experience a different journey of grief and recovery. But the message is the same.

You can find the strength within yourself to grow, recover, and find a sense of purpose. You will continue to feel the emotions you feel right now. No one can take them away from you, but you can learn to feel them with a sense of joy and hope for the future. Most of all, you may need empathy, support, positive resources, and healthy outlets to make it through.

And you will find it right here.

We’ve walked through the darkness. You can find your way out too.

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