Give a person the right pair of shoes, and they can conquer the world.

In honor of Shelby, The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation has established its newest mission. Through our program, we will provide underprivileged people with professional footwear for work, play, or dance.

Shelby learned the love of shoes when she was a little girl, sneaking into her grandmother’s closet and slipping her tiny feet into glamorous stilettos stumbling with confidence or clicking her heels together in red sparkle Dorothy shoes from The Wizard of Oz and singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.

Shelby earned the nickname Shelby Shoe Shoe, given by her grandmother.

That’s exactly how the right pair of shoes can make you feel; confident, beautiful, self-assured, strong!

Shoes can improve our quality of life, offering healing support and stability. Shoes are worn from culture to culture and can represent who we are.

Shoes can be transformative, while having a basic function. They can brighten our souls!

Help us give individuals the support they need for a step up in the world.

You can help our footwear program get off the ground with monetary donations that will be used to purchase shoes for people who need them. It’s an easy way to make a difference.