it all starts with a choice

Life can change in a moment

During the most challenging times, you might not be able to see through the pain. But with support, faith, and your own inner strength, you can heal and find acceptance – acceptance of the past, acceptance of a different future than the one you had planned, and acceptance of your own humanity.

There will be ups and downs. You will never forget, but you can gain a renewed sense of purpose.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

Grant me patience with the changes that take time
Appreciation of those with different struggles
And the strength to get up and try again

One day at a time.

- Serenity Prayer

What is Post Traumatic Growth?

After a traumatic event, you will go through many stages. Sometimes they all come at once, sometimes they come and go, and sometimes they’re always there deep down in your heart.

Post Traumatic Growth is truly a never-ending journey with unexpected twists and turns. As people who have experienced trauma as well, we are here to help you navigate through the road that lies ahead.

People who experience PTG may say that they come to understand others’ pain, are more spiritually connected, and are better able to appreciate the small things, such as the sight of a dragonfly or a child’s laugh. If you know someone who experiences these changes after stress or trauma, it is likely that they have struggled through an event that has changed their perceptions about the world and their future.

Research has shown that children and adults who have gone through traumatic events are more likely to experience Post Traumatic Growth if they have social support from a family member, a friend, a loved one, a coach, a mentor, or a teacher.

Here to Help You Grow Through the Trauma

Growing through trauma requires support and understanding. Because we understand the substantial need for an outlet such as ours in the community, we aim to preserve a diverse and sustainable base of volunteer and financial support to ensure that Post Traumatic Growth services will always be available.

The foundation’s goal is to facilitate scientific research and maintain productive research programs to better understand and assist people in moving forward after trauma.

Dr. Kanako Taku, who founded the Post Traumatic Growth Lab at Oakland University, leads efforts to expand opportunities for new and exciting programs that foster personal growth for individuals healing from a trauma.

The foundation is involved in several initiatives that are focused on advancing PTG research and implementing related programs. Such programs include a course on Post Traumatic Growth at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, as well as programs that assist veterans, cancer survivors, immigrants, and other individuals who may be experiencing various challenges.

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