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supporting post traumatic growth research


Trauma leaves behind emotional scars that others cannot see. Some of the scars are to be expected, some are too painful to face, some are mirrored in guilt, some lead to hatred for oneself and others.

Facing the facts, banishing the guilt, and healing through the pain are all critical steps in the journey you will face after trauma.

One thing we know for sure is that having the support of those who have been through it before you can make all the difference.

The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation is committed to establishing The Willows Healing Center to inspire and strengthen individuals suffering from a traumatic event by providing programs and resources to restore and empower the mind, body, and spirit.

  • We will bring awareness to the latest advancements in Post Traumatic Growth and will strive to create an environment to foster compassion and promote healing for all those in need.
  • With the support of the community, our vision is to develop this center in a serene, peaceful, remote area of Oakland County, Michigan, and it will be like nothing you have experienced before.
  • It will bring the elements of Post Traumatic Growth, research, and education, as well as health and wellness and therapy together under one roof. The Willows will serve as a source of comfort, education, camaraderie, and inspiration for those experiencing hardships.

It’s a resource that’s sorely needed.

your support will help our vision come to life

Enlighten what’s dark in me…

Strengthen what’s weak in me…

Mend what’s broken in me…

Bind what’s bruised in me…

Heal what’s sick in me…

Revive whatever peace and love has died in me…

Examples of Services to be provided at

  • Supporting Post Traumatic Growth research
  • Developing curriculum on PTG for colleges, universities, and post-graduation certification to assist educators, caretakers, and social workers in their careers
  • Introducing those in need to local practitioners of healing modalities such as pranic and reiki healing, breath and sound healing, tapping, etc.
  • Yoga classes for healing
  • Mediumship
  • Trained/certified practitioner speaking on specified topics
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Essential oil use
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Classes for pregnant teens
  • Licensed therapists

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