The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation - Travel Grant

The “Travel Grants” are the first Program to be established by the Foundation and is specifically targeted to students in the Oakland University Psychology Department that are participating in a research lab and desire to attend a professional conference to present materials. The many benefits of attending these events were experienced by Shelby and the Foundation’s desire is for all who are motivated and who qualify should be able to attend these conferences.

Our Program Is Twofold:  1) To maximize learning opportunities and foster educational experiences among undergraduate and graduate students.  2) To support the research efforts of the Oakland University Psychology Department by funding grants to students for the specific purpose of participation in professional conferences.

Eligibility:  All Psychology students participating in a lab at Oakland University are eligible to apply. The Travel Grant is for students seeking financial assistance to attend a conference (all regional, national, and international conferences will be eligible). Dollar amounts of grant awards fluctuate each conference based on our investment earnings. Amounts vary and will be used for travel, lodging, registration and meals.