The Power
of the Mind.

Finding Strength Beyond Trauma.

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When Shelby began studying Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) at Oakland University, she never imagined that her loved ones would soon have to face this journey in her memory. As a 22-year-old honors graduate, she had led a PTG team to the discovery of fresh concepts about a theory that positive transformation exists after tragedy. Research is beginning to strengthen in this area of study, and we believe our society is starting to realize that there can be growth after trauma.

Shelby envisioned that one day she would create a holistic program integrating her nutritional, psychological, and statistical skills, and that this program would become a resource for individuals and professionals who needed it. Her research had a special focus on young adults, and the Teen Parent Initiative within the OU Psychology Department exists today because of Shelby’s passion and dedication.

Shelby’s future was bright and her death in 2017 was sudden, causing her family’s world to collapse. The tragic irony would be that her family now faced their own trauma… and had to manifest her aspirations in her memory and apply them to their own lives.

Today, her parents, brothers, family, friends, and colleagues have found some solace in carrying on her dreams of Post Traumatic Growth research and advancement through the foundation they founded in her name. Their ultimate goal is to raise enough funds to build The Willows Healing Center, the healing refuge Shelby had worked so strongly to bring to fruition.

Shelby Jane Seyburn had been a bright, progressive, and nurturing soul, and carried a spark of internal light that couldn’t be extinguished. Her dreams now live through her parents and the Foundation. Through Shelby’s guiding light, they have experienced positive change in their lives, including a newfound sense of sharpened personal strength, a clear purpose, and a compelling desire for helping others transform their futures when the unimaginable occurs.

The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation (SJSF) welcomes you with open arms and is here to tell you: Trauma does not have to defeat you.


Through The Willows Healing Center and its professional resources, guidance, understanding and compassion, we will be an all-encompassing community of comfort, hope, empowerment and healing for those who are experiencing trauma and seek support. The Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation will also work to promote Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) research and awareness, as well as encourage advancement and philanthropy through conference grants, assistance for teen parents, health and wellness resources. In addition, The Willows Healing Center will preserve a diverse and sustainable base of volunteer and financial support to ensure that its services will always be available for those in need.

The Source for Research,
Comfort, Healing, and Growth
The journey of Post Traumatic Growth is deeply personal, and everyone experiences it in their own way.

Growth can come from the smile of someone who loves you, kind words from a stranger, or the comfort of a Healing Shawl that was made with your well-being at heart.

Here’s how our foundation’s goals come to fruition:

  1. With compassion, empathy, and understanding as the backbone of our foundation, we serve as a source of comfort for those who have experienced trauma. Whether it’s through a compassionate ear, insightful words, or a multitude of unique modalities, we do anything in our power to help individuals find the healing and positive growth that they need.
  2. A selfless team of volunteers knits customized healing shawls by hand. Their love and warmth is sewn into each fiber.
  3. We award college conference grants to students who are assisting in the continued research and awareness of Post Traumatic Growth.
  4. Supporting the Teen Parent Initiative program established by Shelby herself within the Oakland University Psychology Department.
  5. Through generous proceeds, we invest into building The Willows Healing Center, a therapeutic getaway for those who are experiencing trauma and need the support of our foundation.

No matter how insurmountable the challenges may appear to be, if you need comfort, you can rely on us to be here for you. We’ve been there too.

Our very own super hero.

Shelby Jane Seyburn had superpowers of her own: the power to love greatly, care deeply, and work tirelessly to make a change in the world. Her light continues to shine through the foundation and all those it touches.

Shelby passed away at the age of 22, when she had only just begun her efforts to research and promote Post Traumatic Growth. Her parents, Alisa and Marc Seyburn, founded the SJS Foundation to ensure that their daughter’s goals become reality.

Making Shelby’s Dreams Come True.

The Willows
Healing Center

Comfort, safety, security, serenity, restoration, fulfillment, and understanding.

These words will be the essence and the foundation of The Willows, a one-of-a-kind healing and resource center that the Shelby Jane Seyburn Foundation will develop in a remote, serene area of Oakland County, Michigan.

The foundation’s vision is to create a center that offers ancient and traditional healing modalities, classes, workshops, speakers, and resources for those going through a traumatic event.

Here, those who are going through a range of post-traumatic emotions can feel safe, protected, heard, and supported. Here, people can hear others speak about their journeys and relate to them. Here, people can listen to the inspirational words of experts in this field.

In short, The Willows will be your refuge — the place where you can feel free to be you, the place where you can grow, the place where you can feel the pain, the place where you can feel the recovery, the place where you can feel the growth. No one will tell you, you can’t.