Center Yourself Through Yoga Therapy

Center Yourself Through Yoga Therapy

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Therapy

Yoga therapy is a form of exercise that is practiced by stretching, enhancing, and centering yourself. People all around the world partake in yoga exercises through classes, online tutorials, and instructors.

Yoga instructor Joanne Spence has evolved yoga into so much more. Through her awareness and drive to learn more than just the basics, she has found concrete evidence that links yoga to a form of self-care that helps with trauma. Joanne Spence started her discovery journey when she accepted her first job at a psychiatric hospital. It was here where she paid close attention to the physical manifestation of trauma. She encourages therapists of all degrees to incorporate yoga into their work treating their patients with trauma.

Since the discovery between yoga and trauma is relatively new, we know you may have some questions that need answering.

What is the difference between a yoga instructor and a yoga therapist?

A yoga therapist personalizes the form of exercise for their clients to benefit their feelings and get an understanding of where their mental health is at. A yoga therapist is intimate with their client while group classes and online tutorials are broad so it’s nearly impossible to trigger feelings and discover underlying trauma. To truly see the benefits, you are seeking look out for a yoga therapist.

What scenarios are recommended for integrating yoga into therapy practice? 

Trauma is stored in our minds and deeply rooted in our feelings about life. While talking is an effective method and a great way for patients to talk through their situations, sometimes, people just don’t want to communicate. It’s important to find healing within yourself and let the quiet moments be invited rather than shying away from them.

Breathing techniques are strongly praised because they will encourage an understanding of your nervous system and align you to be centered within yourself. Energy is directly related to breathing and what motivates you to get the most out of life.

How does this form of therapy help the patients on their own time?

Yoga is a form of exercise and can be practiced anywhere at any time throughout the day or week. The great thing about yoga is it doesn’t require a dedicated space to practice. Yoga can be done in a living room, outside, in a bedroom, or in an office. Essentially all you need is a place where you can feel at peace.

Another amazing thing about yoga is that it encourages alone time with yourself so you can be honest with your feelings and come to peace with them. Teaching breathing exercises will build a platform that can expand into a center of healing and growth.

While yoga is a great way to seek help it is important that you are not being pushed into anything that doesn’t feel comfortable or right for you. Yoga therapy is meant to be introduced slowly which builds a foundation for your self-care and mental health.